HLB Net Zero Report 2022


Achieving net zero: impacts and opportunities for businessHLB Net Zero Report 2022 The next round of climate change talks at COP27 in November will push countries to move away from pledges, and into concrete action against climate change. At HLB we are well aware that the journey for business to net zero is as challenging as it is daunting. Our … Read More

HLB Cybersecurity Report 2022

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Hidden risks in cyber-defenceHLB Cybersecurity Report 2022 ARE NOT FULLY PREPARED FOR AN ATTACK0% SEE SKILL SHORTAGES AS A RISK TO CYBERSECURITY0% EXPRESSED CONCERN OVER CLOUD VULNERABILITIES0% EXPERIENCE A LACK OF CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS FROM STAFF0% Hidden risks in cyber-defence: laying a foundation for effective cybersecurity risk mitigation Cybersecurity has become an important issue for every organisation in today’s digitally connected … Read More

HLB Sustainability Report 2021


Is your strategy sustainable?HLB Sustainability Report 2021 A three-step framework to develop your sustainability strategy From the obvious physical effects of climate change such as extreme weather conditions and resource scarcity, to regulatory changes and compliance, and increased demand for sustainability from consumers: the climate crisis has a clear and direct impact on business and business costs. Our new sustainability … Read More