About us


Who we are

Incorporated in 1997, HLB SVTM is a Porto based Audit Firm and has a strong local and national client basis including multinational  and large national companies..

HLB SVTM employs a team of 20 people and it is run by five Partners, each one of them specialising in different areas, in order to provide our clients with an outstanding level of service in each area of expertise and it is today, one of the leading mid-tier Audit firms in Portugal.

The firm provides a range of services including audit, tax, and advisory services to a broad range of clients in the private sector. HLB SVTM prides itself in establishing excellent relationships with its clients by providing the latter with a personalised and efficient service.

Our vision

Our Vision is that of being one of the leading Audit Firms by providing a dynamic and customized professional service to our clients.

Our mission

We commit to deliver a timely and customized service; our mission is that of building a long lasting relationship with our clients based on trust and on the understanding of the requirements set by a modern and complex economy.